Thursday, November 27, 2008

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Last year at this time I was sitting in an apartment on the Upper East Side eating meat pies from the Down Under Bakery, thankful to have seen the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Central Park up close earlier in the day. This seems to have kicked off a new tradition of non-traditional turkey day festivities...
This year I found myself imitating a lounge lizard - napping on and off throughout the day to dress late in the afternoon for the final seating at Palate in Glendale where I dined solo on of all things goat!
The meal was fabulous and not at all lonely as diners around me, plus the wait staff all joined in conversation at one point or another during the 2 hour meal. I left stuffed and thankful...

celery root soup oxtail agnolotti
Save a turkey - eat goat pumpkin pie + spice cream
un cafe a little atmosphere guy in dress

first course:: Celery Root Soup
second course:: Oxtail Agnolotti
main course:: Slow Roasted Goat with Endive
dessert:: Pumpkin Pie + Spice Cream
all the rest:: Coffee, lots of wine, candles and some guy in a green dress