Monday, August 6, 2007

Burger safari no.2

It starts out as a quest for the perfect burger. Well not really. I intended on turning the leftover steak from the previous night's kick ass meal into mini sliders with a side of Asian coleslaw. Instead, a message on my answering machine beckons me out for a burger.

My neighbor, the one who so graciously listens to me during "My Real Breakup" has decided that since our last burger outing- whereby we foresake free tickets to the Fray in favor of chasing a good hamburger- should continue the safari. I can't say no.
It's an adventure bigger than inventing a new recipe or sitting at home trying to write the perfect resume. I need this burger.

Without hesitation I call back to say I'm in. Oh and to ask "Where are we going this week? He replies simply, "The York." I don't ask, I just agree to meet in five minutes. Five minutes later we are off - Burger Safari no. 2

The York, on York is a cool space. With its safety glass paned windows that open to the street; distressed brick walls, exposed wood beam ceiling; light fixtures ala Thomas Edison with rusty wire coat hanger like chandeliers; all anchored by an L-shaped bar in the center of the room. Booths to the left and back side of the bar, plus metal bar stools at tiny cocktail high tables along the outer walls contribute to an old woodshop sort of feel without the sawdust. The menus, large chalk boards hanging on walls opposite the bar, list the beers, the wine, the food. It works.

And so does the burger.  My neighbor proclaims it a good rival to the burger at Father's Office.  I can't compare as I haven't had FO's creation yet.  But I can say this York burger is delectable and the fries spot on.

the york burger